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Symons Hall

What has been known as The Small Hall has now been renamed The Symons Hall. One reason for this is that 'small' doesn't really do justice to the size of the room. This hall is now named after the parish vicar who secured the land, in 1892, on which the Village Hall now stands. For more information on the history of the Village Hall, go to Admin, History of the Village Hall




hallmark1Hallmark 1 assesses whether the hall is complying with the requirements of its charitable status.

Hallmark 1 focuses on the management and administration of the charity. It concentrates on charity administration and management and looks for the basics required both by the trust deed and law. Hallmark 1 also highlights good practice around hiring arrangements and booking procedures, insurance and maintenance of the hall.

The specific areas of performance are as follows:

  • committee, annual general meeting, accounts, hiring, insurance, notices, maintenance: outside the hall, maintenance: inside the hall.