Using the Calendar


The Bookings Calendar is here to help you before you book a room at the Village Hall. It will give you an idea of whether or not the room you are interested in is available at the time you want it. Please bear in mind the possibility that the calendar may be a few days out of date, depending on the time available to the Booking Secretary to update the website. The following notes will help you to find your way around the calendar if you are not used to using it.

When you open the Calendar, the current month will be displayed.

To go to another month, click the drop-down arrow in the box where the current month is displayed.

If the month you want is too far in advance to be displayed, select the bottom month. You can then click the arrow again, and later months will be displayed.

When the correct month is displayed, click the week number in the left-hand column of the week you are interested in. The complete times of bookings for that week will be displayed.

If you are only interested in particular hall or room, you can limit the entries displayed to only show that room by clicking at the top of the page under Room Key.

When you have decided on the date you want you can download a copy of the booking form and send it to the Booking Secretary. Note that you need to print both pages as they both need to be sent to the Booking Secretary.