There is a telephone in the foyer of the Village Hall which can be used to contact people while they are hiring the hall. The number is 01273 813946. This telephone only accepts incoming calls. There is no external line, except to the emergency services.

Jack Hart Hall

13.6 x 7.5 metres

Jack Hart stage 0017     Jack Hart 2 0032

 The main hall is named after Jack Hart who served as Chairman of the Trustees for 40 years.

 The Premises License allows 170 people seated in rows with chairs interlinked, 170 dancing or 120 seated at tables. It is also possible to hire staging to raise the back rows of the audience. There is a fixed stage the apron of which (13.6 x 1.6 metres) can be used by speakers to a meeting. For concerts, plays etc. the Symons Hall may also be booked, creating a stage area of 6.6 x 5 metres (excluding the apron). Theatrical lighting and sound system are installed. Music must stop at midnight.

 This hall is suitable for large meetings, private functions, badminton (the floor is appropriately marked out), exercise classes, coffee mornings, jumble sales, fayres. Three sets of double doors lead onto a grassed area, allowing people to spill out during intervals in summer gatherings.

Symons Hall

15.6 x 6.7 metres

Symons 1 0023     Symons 2 0024

 This hall is named after the parish vicar who secured the land, in 1892, on which the Village Hall stands.

The Premises Licence allows 100 people seated in rows with chairs interlinked, 100 dancing or 64 seated at tables. Situated in the original Village Hall building, this room is used for short mat bowls, exhibitions, meetings and as a stage. There are (covered) waist-high mirrors along the long wall. It can be entered either by the new main entrance or by the old entrance. It has direct access to the Rogers Room and the Symons Kitchen.

St. Mary's Room

6 x 5.7 metres

St Marys 1 0019     St Marys 2 0018

 St. Mary’s Room is named in recognition of the links between the Hall and the Parish Church, and the Church's contribution to the development of the Hall.

This room is ideal for smaller meeting and gatherings. It contains 5 tables, making it ideal for committee meetings.

Rogers Room

6.9 x 4.8 metres

Rogers 1 0025     Rogers 2 0026

This room is named after Reg Rogers who opened, closed and cleaned the Hall for over 30 years.

Also situated in the original Village Hall, this room has a side entrance and direct access to the Symons Hall and the Symons Kitchen. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10.00am until noon, the parish council office is open, so there will be people walking through the Rogers Room. It is often used as a dressing room for stage productions.

Jack Hart Kitchen

 6.6 x 3 metres

Large kitchen 0020

Fully equipped, including commercial size oven, permanent water heater, warming cabinet, domestic fridge, kettles and crockery. Electricity is supplied through a meter. There is no cutlery or glasses.

There is a serving hatch to the Jack Hart Hall.

Symons Kitchen

4.8 x 3.5 metres

Small kitchen 1 0029     Small kitchen 2 0028

Fully equipped including standard size cooker, table top fridge, permanent water heater, urn, kettles cups, saucers and tea-plates. Electricity is supplied through a meter. There is a serving hatch to the Symons Hall and direct access to the Symons Hall and the Rogers Room.

This information contains only a general description of the facilities available. All numbers quoted are approximate and all facilities are subject to availability. The information is given here for guidance only and will not form part of any contract between Ringmer Village Hall and any other person. All bookings accepted are subject to our standard terms and conditions of hire, a copy of which can be found at Conditions of Hire on this website or can be obtained from Ms. Bren Bonner (Tel: 01273 813303) the Booking Secretary.