Update on Village Hall Building Works to Advisory Group


Tuesday 3rd November 2015 in the St Mary’s Room


Present:     A West, M Croasdale, M Whitlock, J Payne, P Bowmaker, C Jones, C Russell, P Escott, P Piper, E Hawkins, M Constable, J West


Apologies:  B Bonner, E Owen, B Woodgate, R Morrison, L Ellis, S Willets,


Refurbishing of Symons Hall

  • Decorating of the gable ends and passageway will be completed when the Short Mat Bowls season ends in the Spring. Scaffolding can then be installed.
  • A bar will be placed on the floor to prevent chairs from damaging the new paintwork on woodwork covering mirrors.

Easy Access Toilet

  • This toilet is usable and the uneven floor will be levelled when the new foyer flooring is installed.
  • Toilet window needs to be etched
  • Baby changing shelf – need to consider depth of unit


  • This will be decorated and re-floored when all the refurbishment work is complete in the main toilets and Cecil Gates store.
  • More notice boards and efficient lighting will be installed.
  • Doors will be replaced only if there is sufficient funding

Main Toilets Refurbishment

  • £26,000 is required to replace partitions, vanity units, wash basins (3 ladies and 2 gents)
  • Walls will be decorated with Whiterock, which is long lasting.
  • It was agreed that this work is important and will take precedence over smaller projects
  • Partitions to be ordered but there is a five week delivery – work to proceed early December

Library Build

  • Foundations for extension – considerably more soil had to be removed due to poor ground conditions which resulted in more concrete having to be poured. We expect an additional claim for this work which will need to come from the contingency fund.
  • Brickwork delayed as wind posts are required to anchor brickwork to foundations.
  • Trustees have been advised existing library shelving and counter is their property so it will be our responsibility to remove and dispose of them. Possible items for the auction of promises in February.
  • Ash finish bi-fold doors will be fitted between St Marys and Library – contingency funds will be used to fund bypass door. A safety feature e.g. alternative fire exit.
  • ESCC Library service will supply and fit out new room whilst Trustees provide carpet and lighting

Heating Systems

  • A specialist advisor has been appointed the recommended option on heating for Library and St Mary’s is to install ‘Air Heat Pumps’ (compressing air creates heat). This overcomes the problem of limited wall space and are fully programmable to fit with the function of the room.
  • Temporary heating in St Mary’s will be from the reinstallation of the storage heater.
  • Symons Hall – the existing storage heaters provide good background heat but the advice is to install infrared heaters in place of the three down draught fans mounted in the roof which are very noise in operation.   The infrared heaters would be on a metered supply and only operate when the Hall is occupied. This work will be deferred and only be undertaken when funding is available.

End date for building work

  • This is anticipated to be end of February 2016 with possibly snagging work during first week of March

Items dropped from list include

  • Power assisted front door, cycle rack and pram shelter, decent storage cages, blinds, room signs etc.

Hall Chairs

  • When refurbishment is completed, two chair racks will be reduced in height to assist users in loading chairs, one rack will remain at full height and kept in the Cecil Gates store

Celebratory Social Evening and Auction of Promises - 20th February 2016

  • There will be a bar, and John Payne and Bob Cairns will oversee an Auction of Promises and small items of interest as a final boost to our fundraising campaign. We are accepting promises and items now so that they can be included in a catalogue. Please contact John Payne 01273.812501 Bob Cairns 01273.812784.